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What is anti-wrinkle treatment?

Anti-wrinkle (otherwise known as muscle relaxant) treatment is a non-surgical procedure which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a more youthful and harmonised facial appearance. Over time, dynamic muscle movement leads to the formation of static lines that remain etched in the skin at rest. Anti-wrinkle (muscle relaxant) is used to soften or prevent these lines by inhibiting muscle movement at the sites in which it is injected.


In the right hands, anti-wrinkle (muscle relaxant) also works to correct asymmetries and slim or lift certain muscles, to relieve tension from overworked muscles, and to prevent perspiration.


Medically, anti-wrinkle (muscle relaxant) has been used for decades to treat muscle spasms, twitches and tension. Most recently, it has also been proven to improve symptoms of depression and hay fever, as well as aid in the treatment of common skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis and eczema.


To discuss how anti-wrinkle (muscle relaxant) may help you, please book in for a complimentary consultation.

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Areas of treatment include: 

Forehead lines

Softens lines seen when raising eyebrows and prevents makeup sitting in them.

Frown lines

Softens lines between the eyebrows. Also known as “eleven line” treatment.

Crow’s feet

Softens lines around the eyes. Also known as “smile line” treatment.

Under eye wrinkles

Smooths the sometimes prominent “jelly roll” beneath eyes.


Subtly raises brow height for a more open appearance of the eyes. This treatment is helpful for correcting common brow asymmetries

Bunny Lines

Softens the lines on the sides of the nose that occur when scrunching the nose or smiling.

Smoker’s lines

Softens barcode style lines above the lip.

Upper lip

Otherwise known as a lip flip, this treatment gently everts the top lip so more of it is seen when animating or smiling.

Downturned smile

Relaxes the muscle found in the corners of the mouth upwards to prevent a permanently sad or “scowling” expression.

Gummy smile

Relaxes the top lip downwards so upper gums are no longer exposed when smiling.


Relaxes the tip of the nose upwards and prevents nasal flaring.

Pebbled or creased chin

Subtly lengthens a short chin and smooths the orange peel appearance of strong chins.

Neck bands

Otherwise known as the Nefertiti neck lift, platysmal band treatment softens the downwards pull on jowls, thus redefining the elegant contours of the neck for a youthful, tighter appearance.


Slims the masseter muscle to give a more feminine, v-shaped appearance to the lower face.

Masseter muscles

Prevents teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Temporal muscles

May be combined with masseter slimming treatment to treat tension headaches resulting from overuse of these muscles

Trapezius muscles

Relaxes tight muscles that connect from your neck to shoulders. Also referred to as “swan-neck” treatment, slimming this muscle can create a longer, more elegant neckline. Where one trapezius muscle sits higher than the other, this treatment may also restore symmetry.

Calf muscles

Slims excessively strong calf muscles, resulting in a more feminine contour of the area.

Areas of excess sweat

Reduces excessive sweating from hands, feet and underarms.

Hayfever treatment

Intranasal administration can prevent medication resistant symptoms of hay fever.


Which product is used?

Anti-wrinkle treatment involves injecting a purified protein derived from plant bacteria into the muscle. The 2 main premium brands available in Australia are used within our clinic. Unfortunately, Australian legislation prevents medical professionals from advertising brand names of schedule 4 medications outside of private consultation. The exact brand names will be discussed during your appointment. During your consultation, you will be talked through the difference between them and how to select the right one for you. If you require this information before booking, please contact the clinic directly.


It is my first time with you, do I need to book a consultation beforehand?

Welcome! It is not necessary to book a separate consultation in addition to treatment time. Each appointment is flexible and includes ample consultation time. Of course, if you are unsure and would like some time to think your options over before proceeding, you are more than welcome to book in for a no obligation consultation.


How long does the appointment take?

Each anti-wrinkle appointment takes approximately 15 minutes including consultation time. The actual injecting component merely takes a few seconds or minutes depending on the area being treated. Please allow approximately 30 minutes due to the unpredictable nature of medical appointments.


What can I expect after treatment?

Treatment takes up to 2 weeks to take full effect, although many patients notice results within 1-4 days. In some individuals, some parts of their treated muscles will freeze quicker than others, so it is important to give the treatment a full 2 weeks to settle in before any review or tweak may be conducted. Once treatment is at its full effect, patients should appear fresher, better rested, and with less dynamic lines.


How long does the treatment last?

Depending on the dose and individual, anti-wrinkle treatment may last, on average, up to 3-4 months. Small, light doses will wear off quicker. Once the product has worn off, your muscles will return to normal with no lasting effects.


Will I bruise or swell?

Almost all patients feel comfortable to resume regular activities immediately post treatment. In some instances, there may be a few small, potentially raised, pink, pin-prick marks for a few hours post treatment. It is relatively rare to bruise or swell from anti-wrinkle treatments, although always possible. If you bruise easily, you may be at higher risk of bruising. If bruising does occur around the eyes, it may take a week or more to completely heal. Therefore, it is recommended treatment is conducted at least a few weeks before any important events. The risk of bruising may be lessened by avoiding blood-thinning vitamins, medications and foods for 1-2 weeks prior to treatment. Vigorous exercise, caffeine and alcohol should be avoided for 24 hours prior to treatment.


Are there any risks?

Anti-wrinkle has been safely used for many years. As with all medical procedures, anti-wrinkle treatments do entail rare, but possible side-effects. In most instances these risks are temporary and limited to redness, swelling or bruising at the site of injection. If antiwrinkle is injected or spread into the wrong muscle, it may cause temporary asymmetry, ptosis or drooping. In many instances, these unwanted side-effects can be corrected at the 2-week mark by manipulating other muscles in the area. Left untreated, any unwanted side-effects should wear off on their own within weeks or months. It is extremely important to follow all pre- and post-care instruction to avoid unwanted side-effects. All potential risks and side-effects are discussed in detail during each appointment.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my appointment?

It is preferable you attend your appointment make-up free. If this is not possible, makeup in the targeted areas will be removed by our practitioners prior to treatment. If you wish to minimise your chances of bruising, it is also recommended that, where medically suitable, you avoid blood thinning medications and vitamins for 1-2 weeks prior. You should also avoid alcohol and caffeine in the preceding 24 hours and not partake in any heat inducing activities, such as heavy workouts, the day of treatment.



What are the after-care instructions?

Remain upright for 4-6 hours post treatment.

Avoid any heat-inducing activities for 24hrs post treatment. These include intense exercise, steam rooms, saunas, spas.

Avoid makeup for 24 hours post treatment.

Avoid placing any pressure on treated areas for 3-5 days post treatment. This includes vigorously rubbing or massaging the area, brow or lash appointments which may require the technician to lean on the area, face-down massage etc.

Avoid tattooing, lasers or invasive facials for 2-weeks post treatment.


Is the treatment painful?

Almost all patients find anti-wrinkle treatments very comfortable. Depending on your own pain tolerance, some gentle pinches or small pricks may be felt but the treatment is very quick, and for the most part, very tolerable. Numbing cream may be used at request, but almost all patients find this unnecessary.


I’m needle-phobic, can I still have treatment?

Of course! Cosmetic Nurse Jana specialises in treating nervous patients and has many techniques to ensure your complete comfort. Please make sure you have a big meal prior to treatment.


I’m flying in to see you, can I have treatment on the same day?

Cosmetic Nurse Jana has many clients fly interstate to see her. Generally, she prefers patients to avoid flying for 24-48hours post treatment and to be available for a 2-week review if needed.


Who can’t have treatment?

Anyone under 18, pregnant or breast-feeding women, anyone unwell and anyone having received, or planning to receive, a tetanus vaccination 6 weeks either side of their appointment. It is the patient’s obligation to inform the practitioner of all medical issues and medications. All patients are consulted with a doctor prior to treatment where any individual medical issues or potential contraindications can be discussed.

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