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Corrective Work

Corrective work/filler dissolving

Did you know if you are unhappy with previous dermal fillers we can easily reverse and redo them?


Dermal filler dissolving refers to the process of reversing filler. Filler is made of a gel-like hyaluronic acid that can easily be dissolved using the enzyme hyaluronidase. Previously, this enzyme was reserved for the treatment of adverse events, such as vascular occlusion, following the administration of dermal fillers. However, in recent years, filler dissolving has grown in popularity as an elective option used to restore a natural appearance to areas in which filler has migrated, lumped or been administered in an unaesthetically appealing way.

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What areas can be treated?

Any area that has had hyaluronic dermal filler placed in it previously.

Can you remove permanent filler?

No, only hyaluronic acid filler can be removed non-surgically. For this reason, permanent fillers are rarely offered in Australia anymore. If you are unsure which filler you have, thorough consultation is required prior to treatment.


How long after dissolving old filler can you retreat with new filler?

Dissolved areas should not be refilled for at least 2 weeks. This allows time for the dissolving enzyme to be fully absorbed and for localised healing to occur. However, different areas can be treated on the same day. For example, upper lip migration can be drop-dissolved on the same day as filling lips.


How many treatments will I need?

In most instances, one treatment is sufficient. However, in other cases multiple treatments may be required to achieve complete correction.


Which product is used?

The enzyme hyaluronidase is injected into areas of concern. The medication works by breaking down hyaluronic acid, causing previously placed filler to dissolve and reabsorb into the body.


It is my first time with you, do I need to book a consultation beforehand?

Welcome! It is not necessary to book a separate consultation in addition to treatment time. Each appointment is flexible and includes ample consultation time. Of course, if you are unsure and would like some time to think your options over before proceeding, you are more than welcome to book in for a no obligation consultation.


How long does the appointment take?

Each filler dissolving appointment takes approximately 30 minutes including consultation time. The actual injecting component generally only takes a few minutes depending on the area being treated. Please allow approximately 60 minutes due to the unpredictable nature of medical appointments.


What can I expect after treatment?

Filler dissolving occurs almost instantly, however results are unable to be appreciated until localised swelling settles. Immediately post treatment, it is common for the affected areas to appear very puffy and distorted, almost as if more filler has been (very poorly) injected! Swelling begins to subside as quickly as 1-hour post treatment, but may take several days to return to baseline. Occasionally, the dissolving agent used may dissolve some of your own hyaluronic acid and collagen which will then re-generate of its own accord, over the following weeks. Therefore, best and final results are seen at the 1-3 week mark.

How long do results last?

Filler dissolving permanently removes hyaluronic based fillers in treated areas. Once the area has healed, dermal fillers can then be reinjected into the same area in a more aesthetically pleasing manner.


Will I bruise or swell?

Filler dissolving will almost always result in localised swelling, and on occasion, minor or severe bruising. Rarely, this may take over a week to completely heal. Therefore, it is recommended treatment is conducted at least a few weeks before any important events. If you bruise easily, you may be at higher risk of bruising. The risk of bruising may be lessened by avoiding blood-thinning vitamins, medications and foods for 1-2 weeks prior to treatment. Intense exercise, caffeine and alcohol should be avoided for 24 hours prior to treatment.



Are there any risks?

Filler dissolver has been safely used for many years. As with all medical procedures, filler dissolving does entail rare, but possible side-effects. These are discussed in detail during consultation and include the possibility of allergic or anaphylactic reaction.


Is there anything I should do to prepare for my appointment?

It is preferable you attend your appointment make-up free. If this is not possible, makeup in the targeted areas will be removed by our practitioners prior to treatment. If you wish to minimise your chances of bruising, it is also recommended that, where medically suitable, you avoid blood thinning medications and vitamins for 1-2 weeks prior. You should also avoid alcohol and caffeine in the preceding 24 hours and not partake in any heat inducing activities, such as heavy workouts, the day of treatment.


What are the after-care instructions?

Remain upright for 4-6 hours post treatment.

Avoid any heat-inducing activities for 24 hours post treatment. These include intense exercise, steam rooms, saunas, spas.

Avoid make up for 24 hours post treatment.

Avoid blood thinning medications, vitamins and food for 24 hours post treatment.

Avoid placing any pressure on treated areas for 24 hours post treatment. This includes vigorously rubbing or massaging the area, unless instructed otherwise. If desired, ice may be gently applied to the treated are to help with any bruising or swelling.

Avoid tattooing, lasers, invasive facials or re-injecting filler into the same area for 2-weeks post treatment.


Is the treatment painful?

Almost all patients find filler dissolving treatments very comfortable. A very strong numbing cream is applied topically and anaesthetic agent can also be injected prior to administering the dissolver. Depending on your own pain tolerance, some gentle pinches or small pricks may be felt but the treatment is very quick, and for the most part, very tolerable

I’m needle-phobic, can I still have treatment?


Of course! Cosmetic Nurse Jana specialises in treating nervous patients and has many techniques to ensure your complete comfort. Please make sure you have a big meal prior to treatment.

I’m flying in to see you, can I have treatment on the same day?

Cosmetic Nurse Jana has many clients fly interstate to see her. Generally, she prefers patients to avoid flying for 24-48hours post treatment and to be available for a 2-week review if needed.


Who can’t have treatment?

Anyone under 18, pregnant or breast-feeding women, anyone unwell and anyone undergoing dental work or facial surgery 2 weeks either side of their appointment. It is the patient’s obligation to inform the practitioner of all medical issues and medications. All patients are consulted with a doctor prior to treatment where any individual medical issues or potential contraindications can be discussed.

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