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Dermal Fillers

What is dermal-filler treatment?

Dermal fillers are a non-surgical treatment used to add volume, soften lines and create a more youthful, contoured appearance. As we age, we lose volume in our face and elasticity in our skin. Our bones remodel and our fat pads shrink, often leaving a hollow, sunken or tired appearance. Dermal-filler is a sugar-like gel that mimics soft tissue and is used to restore lost volume and plump out any fine or creased skin, as well as adding contour or plumpness where desired.

Dermal Filler, Burleigh, Gold Coast


Add fullness to youthful lips or restore aging lip

Lip lines

Smooth lines above and around the lip commonly referred to as smokers, accordion or marionette lines.

Nasolabial folds

Correct deep lines.

Marionette folds

Soften folds and volumise shadowing caused from drooping skin.

Laugh lines

Plump crepey skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkling.


Create contoured cheeks and restore facial harmony.


Create a contoured jawline. 


Correct a receding chin. 

Tear troughs

Reduce the appearance of hollow under eyes. 

Buccal hallows

Restore lost volume to improve a gaunt appearance.


Create a smoother, straighter nose and/or lift the tip for a pixie nose appearance.


Add volume to aging hands.


Improve the appearance of depressed scars.

Ear lobes

Restore lost volume.

Areas of treatment include: