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To become a cosmetic nurse you must first undertake nursing studies through an accredited University or Tafe. If you are studying your RNs (Bachelor of Nursing) full time this will take 3 years. Whereas those studying their ENs (Diploma of Nursing) will typically graduate within 1.5 years. It is important to note that ENs are limited in scope and must always practice under the direct supervision of an RN or doctor, thus making employability very difficult and independent practice impossible. Therefore, completing your RNs is the recommended and preferred pathway to becoming a cosmetic nurse.

Once you graduate, it is recommended you spend some time gaining experience in a hospital or general practice setting. This is so that you are better equipped at dealing with patients and medical scenarios. At a minimum, completing a graduate year in these settings is beneficial. Whilst this is not a prerequisite, it will certainly arm you with more skills and improve your confidence.

Following this, you need to undertake further studies in cosmetic nursing and injectables. This is where FaceMed Cosmetic Training comes in. At the time of publishing this article, FaceMed offers the most hands on, practical experience of any courses currently on offer in Australia. Our advanced course offers the opportunity to practice on a minimum of 40 models, AS WELL AS career guidance and ongoing support in setting up your own practice. If completing shorter courses, it is recommended students spend time observing and learning from experienced nurses or doctors before venturing out on their own.

Cosmetic nursing is an enjoyable and lucrative career. It offers the opportunity to mix science with art and. Hours are flexible and work is typically autonomous.

So, what are you waiting for?

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